Take The Effort Out Of
Teaching Theory
The Barss Theory Books

Using a conversational manner and a touch of humor to make learning fun, your students will no longer dread theory – and neither will you!

Teachers can use The Barss Theory Books:

Ø during lessons
Ø as homework
Ø in a lab (individual or group) environment
Ø for student self-paced study

Based on a comprehensive curriculum, The Barss Theory Books are available from Primer to Level 12 and feature sight reading examples and 21st century theory - perfectly appropriate for each grade! Students will take pride in completing their assigned books and creating their very own reference library. Color coded covers make it easy to identify each grade level. Answer books are also available. 

To gain an understanding of the major topics covered in each book, please see the list below.

Barss Theory: Primer 
Getting acquainted with fingers
Line and space notes
Clef signs
The musical alphabet
Basic note values
Musical Terms
Barss Theory: Level 1A/B

Treble and Bass line and space notes
Quarter, Half, Dotted Half, Whole notes, rests
Whole and half steps
Sharps and Flats
Introduction to Harmonic and Melodic intervals
Time signatures for quarter note time
White note Major Pentachords and Triads
Musical Terms
Order Book
Barss Theory: Level 2A/B

Ledger line notes
Eighth notes, rests and rhythms
Identifying M2, M3, P4 and P5 intervals

Major and minor pentachords in all keys
Order Book
Barss Theory: Level 3A/B

White Major and Whole Tone scales
All Major and Perfect intervals
Eighth note time signature and rhythms
Triplets and dotted quarter notes
Key signatures in Major keys up to five flats & sharps
Major and minor triads and cluster chords            
Changing meters 

Barss Theory: Level 4

Sixteenth notes, rests; combination note rhythms
Double sharps and flats
Changing Major scales to harmonic minor scales
All Major key signatures
Minor key signatures for white keys
Major, minor, Augmented and diminished triads
Major, minor and Perfect intervals
Triplets in different values
Musical Terms

Barss Theory: Level 5

Three forms of minor scales
Major Circle of Fifths
Principal notes and triads & inversions
Minor key signatures
Authentic and Plagal Cadences               
Split thirds
Figured bass
Functional names of scale degrees
Musical Terms

Barss Theory: Level 6

Parallel minors
Chromatic scales
More complicated rhythms and triplets
Minor Circle of Fifths
Musical Terms

Barss Theory: Level 7

Scales written in triads indicating quality
Three modes
Pentatonic scales
Half cadences
Secondary Dominants (V7/V)
Diminished and Augmented Perfect intervals
Simple and compound meters
Musical Terms 

Barss Theory: Level 8

More modes
Authentic cadences
Open harmony
Asymmetical meter
Analyzing phrases
Musical Terms

Barss Theory: Level 9

Whole tone and Pentatonic scales
Transposed modes
Seventh chords
Perfect cadences
Upper and lower neighbors and passing tones
Musical Terms
Barss Theory: Level 10

Seventh chords and inversions
Deceptive cadences

Musical eras
Musical Terms

Barss Theory: Level 11/12

Common chord modulations
Secondary chords in cadences

Sonata Allegro form
C clef
Melody augmentation and diminution and inversion
Musical Terms